Full Album Stream: Getting Crazy with Disuse’s The Yeti From Kad-Man-Ra

Disuse are a quartet of Dutch grind punks featuring current and ex-members of Last Days of Humanity, Krush, Brodequin and Gewoon Fucking Raggen who are apparently are on a mission to obfuscate and confuse anyone with the gall to ask about them. First, and simplest, is how their moniker implies a connection to Discharge, the D-beat and the lengthy list of Dis-core bands. To which, after listening to their latest release, The Yeti From Kad-Man-Ra, we’d have to say, “sure, they might own a Dis-core record or two, maybe even a beaten up copy of Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, but they’ve likely only ever listened to them at 78 rpm. Then there’s the album’s release date which was either issued this past August or this past Christmas Eve, which isn’t exactly the smartest time to introduce something new onto the market. Either way, we’re late to their crazy party.

The folks at Every Day Hate Records are issuing the album in a limited run of 500 CD copies and have provided us with a stream for your listening (dis)pleasure. To further blur the setting, when we asked Disuse to introduce itself to our readers and to tell us a bit about the new album, the below is what they came back with. If you can figure out what they’re getting at, you’re a wiser individual than I. Or you’re using the same psychedelics as they are.

“1. DISUSE – Group of four individuals. Green Goblin as their leader. Feeble, frantic, unknown to existence.
2. THE YETI – Beast of all Beast. King of all Kong. The Kad beyond Man-Ra. He lives in a tree, the lollapalooza jungle. That’s why they can’t find him. He’s stuck in this galaxy of trees ‘cause he is afraid of the height, he can’t get out of his deception. It scares him. It scares him but protects him at the same time.
3. KAD-MAN-RA – Helmut of death. Firestorm of fear. The throne of Alfamore.
4. RESISTANCE – Back in the days, Satan told Morbid Angel to spit out the “alphabet” in records. Wodan told us to do a 640 more, not to cherish the devil but to reveal the eye behind the demon at its highest form of symbiotic leveling.
5. GRINDCORE- A dead-end road that will lead you into nothing but pain, misery, depth and trouble.
6. D.I.Y. – Drone Intregrated Yeti
7. WARNING: CAN KILL – Free to leave jail ticket. Bailed out after Covenant. Vegetable rights and peace.

-Yours sincerely Mr Rogers and The DIS’users”


Trust us, their music results in a lot less head scratching.



For those of you who haven’t had your last thread of sanity snapped by this band (and you live in or are going to be visiting the Old World), Disuse is being let out of its cage for a few live shows at various points throughout 2019.

February 9: Poppodium Elektra – Sliedrecht, Holland

April 26 & 27: Draschfest – Holland

May 25: Skinfest – Mierlo, Holland

September 6-8: Chimpy Festival, London, UK

November 22-23: Grind Here Right Now Festival – Trier, Germany


Disuse on Bandbook and Facecamp

Everydayhate Records