Full Album Stream: Blot & Bod – “Ligæder”

Blot & Bod belong to the Korpsånd Circle, a collective of Scandinavians (mostly Danes) with various black metal, punk, dungeon synth and blackened punk projects. The collective was introduced to the greater underground last year with the now highly sought-after Korpsånd compilation, a double-cassette primer put out by Fallow Field, of—really only a handful—of the numerous bands and projects assembled under the banner Korpsånd. Fallow Field also released Blot & Bod’s demo and their debut full length, both on cassette. Since then Korpsånd cassettes, CDs, and LPs have been spread far and wide by various labels, under myriad names. War is Aer, Gabestok, Træl, Broder, Seidr, Grifla da la Secta, Ærekær, Fanebærer . . . just to name a few.  

But among the first was Blot & Bod, and at the core of Blot & Bod are the brothers Bagger Hviid. These two have their hands in nearly everything Korpsånd. Jesper Bagger Hviid plays guitar, screams, and/or records most things that come out from the collective, while his brother plays drums, also screams, and holds down the rhythm section for some of the Circle’s heaviest hitters. On this recording of Ligæder, Norwegian Jøran Elvestad played bass.

Originally released on cassette in 2017, Ligæder is Blot & Bod’s debut full length now reissued on vinyl LP by Iron Bonehead. Get it this Friday!

“The first and the last tracks are the musical shapes of Huginn and Muninn – the two ravens of Odin – and serve respectively as a preliminary and a retrospective perspective of the 10 chapters of battle, blood, defeat and victory, of dethronement and death and of rebellion and redemption,” says Blot & Blod. “This violent relationship between thought and recollection is the main theme of the album. – True Scandinavian Ragnarock.”


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