Decibel Meter: Power Trip (to f.y.e.)

The holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean that the season of buying records you don’t have room for is! As is our monthly tradition, Decibel and f.y.e. join forces to feature a monthly online and in-store collection that only the best and most extreme albums make it into your record collection. This month’s coincides with our issue featuring Texas’ brightest thrashers, so take a Power Trip to f.y.e. and let’s see what we can find.

If collections and compilations are your thing, then this is a good month for you: Arch Enemy’s humorously-named covers comp, Covered in Blood, and Cattle Decapitation’s Medium Rarities, which includes a slew of covers and, uh, rarities are both part of the collection.

Death metal fans can also grab Venom Prison’s vicious debut Animus while waiting for their next record, plus Soilwork’s Verkligheten and Amon Amarth’s The Pursuit of Vikings DVD. Hardcore heshers can add Terror’s Total Retaliation and Cult Leader’s A Patient Man to their collections, and marijuanauts can get educated with Sleep’s The Sciences. 

Those still flying the (neon-colored) flags of metal- and deathcore will find plenty in this month’s collection as well: Architects, Unearth and Atreyu all have exclusive vinyl variants available only at f.y.e. and you’ll find Born of Osiris’ The Simulation there as well.

No matter what you’re into, there’s something for you. Check out the collection online.