Death Fortress Continues Their Unending Reign

It always feels weird, those handful of days between Christmas and New Year’s. A strange lull before the final crescendo of noise and celebration, following by the realization that, “oh, we have to exist for another year now, don’t we?” But in our current state of limbo, Fallen Empire Records has bestowed one last gift for 2018: a new Death Fortress album!!!

We’ve covered this New Jersey-based act before in one of our black metal roundups. The band has been building up quite an underground buzz for the past few years, enough to give their name an immediately recognized assurance of quality black metal. The band’s pulverizing mix of styles makes them one of the most compelling acts in the country, and Reign of the Unending is a fantastic edition to an already impressive body of work.

What’s different about this album? The songwriting and attention to dramatic details. The riffs pull you in, and the beats and grooves make you stay. The blending of mid-range snarling and impossibly low growling is another signature feature here. This takes the band beyond mere Somberlain-worship and into their own realm of chaos and darkness.

Check out “Monolith Winter” below, and be sure to give the entire album a spin at Fallen Empire Records: