Get Dangereux With Wolves in Argyle

Sometimes when you see the people involved with a band, you know they’re worth checking out. Wolves in Argyle is an Oakland-based rock band that takes element of dirty Seattle grunge and blends it with stoner rock, punk and other strands of alternative rock (a style they call “KeroRuak,” an homage to Jack Kerouac). Their grunge side bears a very strong resemblance to the meaty crunch of bands like Gruntruck, My Sister’s Machine and especially the legendary Tad.

Turns out there’s a pretty good reason for that.

Their debut album, due out on January 18 through Incineration Ceremony Records, was produced by none other than Tad Doyle himself! (In case you didn’t know, we awarded Tad’s 8-Way Santa a spot in our Hall of Fame, which you can read about in Decibel #132.) As if that wasn’t enough, legendary producer Jack Endino was brought in for the mastering work (yes, the Jack Endino who produced Bleach). The result is a catchy and gritty sound, with biting guitars and explosive drums.

Check out the trippy video for “Dangereux” below, and go to their Bandcamp page for pre-order information.