Track and Video Premiere: Carrion Mother – ‘Schwarzschild’

For a band like German doom artisans Carrion Mother, recording a music video in dim black and white may be a curious choice. After all, their three-track 2012 debut Koronis was a colorful introduction that embodied the sallow tint of its color image. Their sludgy, atmospheric doom is a swirl of desert dust, cemetery dirt, dope smoke, and mustard gas. Scheduled to release their long-awaited sophomore record Nothing Remains in the new year, Carrion Mother have shared an early video with Decibel for their new track “Schwarzschild.”

Inspired by the song title’s name sake (physicist and astronomer Karl Schwarzschild), the song is as massive and foreboding as a black hole. From the first star-lit guitar wails, Carrion Mother stomp in unison through a passage of monolothic Mogwai rock. In total, it’s almost 2.5 minutes before vocalist Aris howls and rages over the song’s thunder. Once his reverberating snarl enters the fray, the song finds its inspired balance of battered ear drums and subtle solemnity. A little less than halfway through, the song takes a breath with clean guitar before exhaling and dropping the hammer. The track’s final minute conjures High on Fire’s ferocity as the song’s final thrust leaves a trail of flames in the night sky before vanishing into a space vacuum.

Listen to Carrion Mother’s “Schwarzschild” below and watch the band’s monochromatic visuals accompany their kaleidoscopic riffs. Nothing Remains will release on January 18th from Ordo MCM.

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