Full Album Stream: Goats of Doom – “Rukous”

Once in a blood moon a record comes along and not only slays but has fun doing it. The fourth and latest album from Nivala, Finland-based black metal trio Goats of Doom exhibits this quality of lethal and thrilling coupled. Prepare for icy riffs wielded like an immortal sword once more in worthy hands. Prepare for one of the most intense vocal performances you’ve heard in modern black metal. No angry duck vocals here, just wide open and hate-filled screaming from a tireless set of lungs. For all its triumphant solos, and those sublime and well-placed moments of melody, Rukous proves to be seven tracks of pure and consistently awesome Finnish black metal majesty.

“My vision has always been the same: Make my own path in black metal,” says Scaregod, vocalist and guitarist of Goats of Doom. “Nowadays that path is much clearer and stronger than before and the goal is more lucid. I always try to reach something that others won’t even try to touch.”

Out this Friday on Finland’s Primitive Reaction, this is . . .


Primitive Reaction.

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