Full Album Stream: Baneful Storm – “Invocations”

Invocations, Baneful Storm’s demo, really came out last year, independently and digitally released by Jolyon Dagon, the Satanic priest at the middle of Baneful Storm. Once word spread that there was a one-man Morbid Angel-worship project from Paris, necks started snapping at the shoulders all around the world. Initial feedback was overwhelming and unanimously positive.

It seemed like people could hardly believe a band like Baneful Storm suddenly exists, let alone deal with how mindbendingly killer their songs are! 

“My main focus was to deliver something intense and swift with an occult and dark atmosphere,” says Dagon. “I love chaotic yet soulful guitar solos, there’s a lot of them waving around [on Invocations].”  

Invocations is old-school occult death metal made under the signs of Azagthoth, Brunelle, Sandoval & Vincent. Baneful Storm earns their right to worship and promulgate through sheer excellence and mindful creativity. Nothing here sounds directly lifted, yet the comparison is unmissable.

Here, surrounded by his glorious arms of nuclear sorcery, while an arcane figurine of his ancestral legacy looks on, the Daemon Dagon readeth the Unaussprechlichen Kulten and siteth upon the Couch of Death.

Even beyond the fact that this French dude nails a pitch-perfect alternate dimension early Morbid Angel, these six tracks (four absolute demon thrashers plus a wack-o intro and a brassy and pompous outro) possess an evil that’s as irresistible as it is immortal. 

Additionally, Dagon says he is already at work “composing a new full length.” Furthermore, he says he is seeking bandmates for Baneful Storm.

Out this Friday on CD and 12” vinyl through Invictus Productions, this is . . .


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