Full EP Stream: Belzebong’s Light the Dankness

So, a couple months ago in Canada, marijuana became fully legal, both recreationally and medicinally. Alarmists will be shocked to know that society as we know it didn’t collapse. If you partake and live in a locale where the laws haven’t caught up with reality and common sense, I’m sure you’ve heard people quipping about moving to the Great White North, similarly to how lefties and anyone with any shred of decency and conscience threatened to uproot once an uncouth piece of shit and wannabe dictator was inserted into the American presidency.

Most curiously in all this mess, however, is that Poland’s Belzebong didn’t inquire about making the move to Hockeyville when they got in touch recently. All they wanted to talk about was their new EP, Light the Dankness, which is surprising considering how single-minded the quartet from Kielce is. Remember, this is the band whose Dungeon Vultures EP was packaged with a weed-themed Ouija board; this is the band whose last album was entitled Greenferno; this is the band in which Cheeto-stained stage names rule the roost – we’ve got Sheepy Dude on bass, guitarists Cheesy Dude and Alky Dude and Hexy Dude on drums. Yes, they may play all instrumentals, but never deviate from theme.

Today, we present a stream of the band’s new EP. Four songs: “The Bong of Eternal Stench,” “Pot Fiend,” “Doperganger” and “Roached Earth” and if you already haven’t figured out what they sound like, then you’re hopeless. Or maybe you’ve just forgotten, in which case this stream really is for you. Check it out below. Here’s a word from the Dudes about their latest offering: “Bred in the musty depths of hell, infused with the resin blood of daemons comes another greasy four-hitter by Belzebong. Light the dankness and enjoy the ride. The smokening has just begun!”


Light the Dankness was recorded at Nebula Studio, mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding of Conan at Skyhammer Studios. As mentioend above, the release date was on October 31st, and it’s available via Emetic Records in North American, Abraxas Records in South America and through the band itself in Europe and elsewhere. And for our small cadre of European readers who like to puff-puff-pass, Belzebong has been tearing around the past couple weeks doing just that in green rooms and car parks all around the Old World. Here are the remaining dates of the “Purveyors of Dankness” tour”

Purveyors of Dankness Tour

21.11.18 | SP | Barcelona | Rocksound

22.11.18 | FR | Toulouse | Les Pavillons Sauvages

23.11.18 | TBC

24.11.18 | IT | Bologna | Freakout

25.11.18 | IT | Milano | VVitch Festival

26.11.18 | DE | Munich | Feierwerk

27.11.18 | NL | Utrecht | DB’s

28.11.18 | BE | Brussels | Magasin 4

29.11.18 | DE | Cologne | Helios 37

30.11.18 | DE | Berlin | Zukunft Am Ostkreuz