Full Album Stream: Letheria – “Death-Principle”

Letheria play music of hate and death in the way that we see fit,” say the members of Letheria. “Our music started as melodic metal and turned from doom to death metal and from death to black metal. Our music is familiar, yet different. It focuses on the atmosphere and energy.”

For nearly twenty years Letheria have dwelled in the immense obscurity of the Finnish underground. Since 1999 they’ve released only demos, but like clockwork, they released one nearly every year. Then came a triptych of EPs which culminated with 2014’s III Mockery

This Friday Letheria will release their debut album. 

“Our first full-length was a journey to discovery and experimenting,” says the band. “The know-how has been present for many years. With a new lineup, we practiced songs like we just started in 1998, only with more songs. Everything had to be done to perfection like in our past. In the early years, we were experimenting with melodies, other instruments, and sounds. The first full-length has the same ambition, passion, and determination that the first Letheria demo had; it combines the band’s history.”

Death-Principle is an evil ripper from beyond time that knows no genre boundaries. Many different metals come under Letheria’s mighty hammer strikes and everything comes out sharp, evil and heavy beyond belief.




Get Letheria’s Death-Principle this Friday from Finnish label Saturnal Records.