Full Album Stream: The Apparition Orchestra – The Noise Floor

For this particular post, we’re going to keep things minimal and austere, just like the music of Syracuse’s The Apparition Orchestra. Featuring Bobby Gorham (Blood Sun Circle, ex-Engineer), a name very familiar to the Decibel family (and if it’s not, click here), alongside his pal Jon Davis (presumably not the dude from Korn), TAO plays music that Gorham describes as “in the modern classical/film score genre.” He also went on to say in an email to me, “…which I know isn’t really your thing.” Damn, the kid couldn’t be more incorrect! The pair released an album entitled The Noise Floor on Drops of Us, the label/arts collective founded by Bobby and his brothers, last month and because I couldn’t find the movie the album is a soundtrack for (because there is no movie and it’s not a soundtrack), I figured why not throw it up here and give everyone’s ears a break from distortion, pounding and screaming? Never fear though, there’s still a ton of musical darkness and eerie tension to shiver your spine along with a heaping helpings of whistling which never fails to remind me of Badalamenti, Morricone and other non-metal greats respected and loved by many of us metal types.

The Noise Floor follows the evolution of a simple melody from the clutter of public congestion, to the most serene pause. It’s a soundtrack for leaving.” – Jon Davis, Bobby Gorham

The Noise Floor was written and recorded in the summer of 2018. All music composed and performed by Jon Davis & Bobby Gorham.

Mixed by Bobby Gorham & mastered by Jason “Jocko” Randall at Moresound Studio.

Released by: Drops of Us

Album release date: October 17, 2018