Full Album Stream: Zealot Cult – “Spiritual Sickness”

Zealot Cult formed in 2008, released one of the toughest demos of 2010, then proceeded to lie dormant for the next six years. But what their 2016 EP Karmenian Crypt lacked in running time (even though it’s still a substantial slab of quality DM), it made up for with innovation and a whole lot of promise for future maimings.

With the arrival of Zealot Cult’s debut full length, Spiritual Sickness, it’s become glaringly obvious that the quartet have made good on that promise. The band has sharpened their old school technical approach to shredding true death metal. These riffs stick, the vocals howl acidly yet intelligible, and the guitar leads will bring you to your knees more times than a lifetime of servitude in the Catholic church—and let’s not forget that incredible Paolo Girardi painting bringing it all together.

Like the perfect mix between all your favorite old school bands plus an unhealthy dose of desensitized modern violence, Spiritual Sickness is here to dominate your skull space.  

Says the band: “We feel the hard work we’ve put in over the last few years in terms of trying to craft actual death metal songs rather than a focus on technicality for the sheer sake of technicality has allowed us to have taken a step up with this album. We are making the kind of music we grew up on and love. The fact that others seem to dig what we’re doing is a total bonus.”

Without further ado, here comes your next death metal obsession . . .

Spiritual Sickness

Get Spiritual Sickness this Friday from Blood Harvest and Helter Skelter.