Full Album Stream: Outre-Tombe – “Nécrovortex”

If you’re familiar with Outre-Tombe’s debut full length Répurgation you’ll need no further hypening from us. Because you know as well as we do that you’re about to get absolutely bulldozered by some of the most crushing and aggressive death metal around today. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Québécois quartet, well . . . buckle up.

Outre-Tombe formed back in 2010, but have proven since that they move at their own pace. It’s been three long years since their debut LP, but the time has finally come. The new album, dubbed Nécrovortex, is upon us.

Nécrovortex will be out on CD the most excellent Temple of Mystery Records on October 17th, but preorders are already open. The vinyl version comes out in December. But you can jam Nécrovortex now, and read an interview with Outre-Tombe’s guitarist Cobra following the stream.


So, where and with whom did you record Nécrovortex, and can you tell our readers how the recording process went?

We recorded at Holywaves studio in Saint-Tite-des-Caps between march and may 2018. The recording process went pretty well, we did all guitars in one day. The hard part was about figuring the sound. We wanted to sound raw and organic and it happen to be very hard with modern studio methods. I didn’t like reamping before and I hate it now, it’s just too much trouble to get a cool death metal guitar sound. The studio guy worked very hard and we really like the result though!


What inspired the album title?

Crachat (vocals/bass) came up with the song title. He wanted to make a song called “Necrovore” but when he realised the “correct” word in French was necrophage, he was very disappointed. I strongly suspect he came up with “Nécrovortex” at that point. The lyrics of the song were partially inspired by the movie Prince of Darkness by John Carpenter and various apocalyptic themes.


How has the band changed since 2015’s Répurgation LP?

We played live a lot and are better musicians now, I guess. The songwriting did not change too much, we still want to play raw and aggressive death metal.


Given your themes, it’s appropriate that you’re releasing this album around Halloween. Have you been sitting on it, waiting, or did events just line up perfectly so that you’d be releasing the album around this time anyway?

It wasn’t intended at all! We were thinking of releasing it last May but the recording process didn’t go as planned. However I must say the timing is quite good in the end! It will actually be out the same day weed will be legal in Canada so we fear what our cds will be used for in the first place haha!


What do you hope listeners get from Nécrovortex?

We tried to tell horror stories that are vivid and give the listeners a glimpse of a darker world, so if you understand French and like horror death metal you should not be disappointed!


Thanks for your time, Cobra. Any closing sentiments?

Thanks a lot, man! For the North American maniacs who want to see us live, we’ll be playing the Québec Deathfest next week with a lot of killer bands! See you there!