Full Album Stream: Pulverized – “Monuments of Misanthropy”

Santiago-based death metallers Pulverized are a welcome surprise. Formed in 2006, the quintet have sharpened their deadly metal over these past twelve years, building toward this full length. Monuments of Misanthropy is six tracks of punishing old school death metal replete with killer drumming, worship-worthy solos and no mean amount of headbangibility. Part old school American death metal, part Sudamerican onslaught, Pulverized’s debut full length is here to break through all the cavernous hullabaloo with precision and clarity.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at DM6 Studio by Pablo Clares, Monuments of Misanthropy is a skull-crushing reminder of death metal’s true power.

Photo by Carlos Berrios Contreras

Says the band: “Monuments of Misanthropy was intended to be six movements, in an old school fashion, that hails the very core of underground Death Metal. It has such a powerful but yet aggressive sound capable of pulverizing any failed belief system that has been pulled over everyone’s eyes. These six monuments detail furious hate in human existence. They reveal pure misanthropy from unconscious and decadent beings.”

Monument of Misanthropy

Monuments of Misanthropy drops October 13th from Krucyator Productions. Pre-order it now.