Full Album Stream: Cosmic Void Ritual – “Grotesque Infections of Interplanetary Divide”

The name Cosmic Void Ritual has been uttered by humans for a mere fifteen months. In that short span of time, the name, as well as the sounds of raw and alien death that emanate from it, have spread virulently. Now Cosmic Void Ritual are set to release their latest MLP through Iron Bonehead.

Grotesque Infections of Interplanetary Divide shows that Cosmic Void Ritual remain hideously raw as well as deeply committed to writing infectious death metal bangers. Being the work of a sole individual, the Unknown Entity, Cosmic Void Ritual remains totally untouched by outsider influence. These four tracks, for all their trenchant and corrupted atmosphere, not to mention the frontal lobe-grinding riffage, prove that recognition and popularity have had no effect on the evil mastermind behind Cosmic Void Ritual.

Says the Unknown Entity: “This album contains no pre-planned compositions. The instruments and vokillz are essentially improvised. No effort was made to please the listener and no modern recording equipment was used. To this end, Cosmic Void Ritual is in opposition with and in hatred of humanity.”

Grotesque Infections of Interplanetary Divide