For Those About to Squawk: Krisiun, Monstrosity, Deicide

What up, peeps? So like, because of my human counterpart, I can’t really review the new Pig Destroyer record Head Cage, but I can tell you it’s like the best record like EVER! Anyway, it’s me, Waldo, and I got some reviews of upcoming releases comin’ atcha!

Brazilian death dealers Krisiun are hitting us with their 11th studio album Scourge Of The Enthroned.  It’s always this birdbrain’s opinion that this band, while having some notoriety, has always been a little underrated. So Scourge is a death metal record through and through… The recording is crisp and clear, but the drums sound a little processed, but mein gott… they’re bringing the riffs on this one. Harkening back to their earlier days and the vocals are as mean as ever.  Another standout is the soloing here: it’s beyond phenomenal, making this thing one complete cohesive death metal package. The band states the title is a reference to “a scourge for all the plastic death metal out there.” Indeed.

8 Fucking Pecks.

So it’s been 11 years since the last Monstrosity record, and just like all of Monstrosity, The Passage Of Human Existence is death pecking metal! Drummer Lee Harrison says that this record is meant to be played loud (duh). So, what about this? This is old-school death, they’ve never really changed their sound. The production here is a little weird to these bird ears but the riffs and all the elements are in place. There’s variation in these jams so the record never really comes across as boring or stale. Pecking blast this!

7 Fucking Pecks.

So Decicide has been back in true form for a couple of records and Overtures Of Blasphemy is no exception. This is pure, unadulterated death metal (re: each other review I’ve done this time) and the production on this is stellar.  Suecof really knows how to make this band sound great. One thing of note, singer Glen Benton has totally abandoned his high pitched vocals and gone with only guttural vocals which makes this sound meaner, but all in all this, record gets tedious near the end due to any lack of variation. There’s little distinction from song to song, but it’s still a really mean-ass record.

7 Fucking Pecks.

Until next time… adieu