Sing Omenfilth’s Hymns of Diabolical Treachery

As the legacy of black metal endures, more and more scenes become prominent across the world, taking the genre beyond its associations with fjords, frost and pine forests. This includes places like the Philippines. Cue the people saying things like “But it’s not cold in the Philippines, why would they create black metal there? I’m the first person to ever have this thought!” Well, guess what, genius? Places like Greece and Brazil have been just as influential on the style’s evolution and growth, and that’s what brings up to San Pablo’s Omenfilth.

On their latest album, Hymns of Diabolical Treachery, the band using melodic riffing channeled through a raw sound reminiscent of early Rotting Christ and Varathron combined with elements of Worship Him-era Samael. Layered on top of this concoction is a veneer of black thrash with the use of ripping guitar solos. The album originally came out on May 4 via CD, but will now be seeing a cassette release through Eternal Death records on July 27 (curious as the whole cassette resurgence is, the blue casing on this release is pretty rad). The band’s fascination with unholy evil comes to glorious fruition on the track, “Demogorgon,” streaming below (yes, that’s the same prince of all demons from the lore of Christian demonology and literature, along with DnD and Stranger Things).