Full Demo Stream: Deathwards – “Towards Death”

Today marks the release of Deathwards’ demo, Towards Death. Created by a cast of inveterate underground metal warriors, Towards Death is a 4 track slab of authentic and ripping death frenzy, plus an Infernal Majesty cover (Hails!).

Formed just last year, but the recording you’re about to hear was finished and recorded only 5 months later. Clearly, these men had something to exorcise, and needed to do so quickly. And that sense of mad urgency is all over this tape. The playing is virtually flawless, the songs are expertly crafted, and the leads will rip your heart right out. Towards Death packs a furious atmosphere, like the band are playing for a crowd that’s also under attack from winged demons. But regardless of what imagery Towards Death puts in your mind, this demo is not to be missed.   

“Deathwards’ sole purpose is to continue the inexhaustible essence of Death/Thrash Metal and our fathers’ seminal work,” explains the band. “Inspired by the early seed of evil planted during the 80’s, this framework allowed us to create something uncompromising and spontaneous in which we aimed to capture their original heresy and forge our primal stone.

“This first offering conceptually develops a journey of the self to the underworld, where everything in your path must be obliterated in order to reach the glorious end.”

Get Towards Death today from Invictus Productions.