Full Album Stream: Taphos – “Come Ethereal Somberness”

On Friday, June 8th, Denmark’s Taphos will plow to the front of the vast modern DM race with the release of their debut full length, Come Ethereal Somberness. Having already made a name for themselves in the underground through releasing limited-run demo tapes over the past two years, Taphos will now distinguish themselves from all the other Danish deathbringers with the release of Come Ethereal Somberness.

Totally free of old school pretensions, yet completely against the grain when it comes to modern death metal trends, and in full possession of an ideal and extremely flattering production job, Taphos’ debut blasts away the stagnant miasma haunting the current scene with trenchant riffings, scathing vocals, inhuman drumming, and reality-warping leads. Focused on death, but brimming with murderous vigor—simply put: Come Ethereal Somberness packs banger after banger of energetic and highly combustible death metal.

Taphos – Come Ethereal Somberness

Get Come Ethereal Somberness June 8th from Blood Harvest.