Haunting: OSDM-Style Demo Back From the Dead

Over the decades of metal’s storied history, there are a lot of demos, seven-inches and bootlegs that make their way through the underground, but don’t manage to become the next Death by Metal or Reborn in Blasphemy. This musical churn machine is simply a reality that bands must accept as a risk. However, a lot of great music can still get left behind. To help rectify one instance of this, Boris Records is releasing a vinyl reissue of the demo recording from Atlanta’s Haunting, with one additional track that didn’t make it on the original tape.

Had they stuck around after this self-released cassette in 2014, I see no reason Haunting wouldn’t be just as prominent as other “new-old” death metal bands like Skeletal Remains and the legions of other HM-2 pedal worshiping head-spinners out there. Alas, they only left us with rippers like “In the Mist” and “Beyond Death,” which you can check out below. Still, if you like the guitar work on here as much as I do, you can still hear Charlie Southern thrash away with Sadistic Ritual.

Look out for Haunting’s Sealed Shut on May 8 via Boris Records.