Full Album Stream: Vomitor “Pestilent Death”


Your sorry-ass face will soon be fucked post pressing play on Vomitor’s Pestilent Death player below. For those not privy to the Aussie’s brand of vitriolic death and thrash metals, think Destruction but played by Sarcófago. Or, Sadistik Exekution as imagined in the future-past by Slaughter Lord. Alright, enough flowery: Vomitor are a violent death-thrash combo, the likes of which we’ve not seen since Kreator unfurled its “Flag of Hate” only to have Swedes Satanic Slaughter destroy it 14 years later. That is to say, across their hailed discography–debut Bleeding the Priest continues to rage strong–Vomitor are vicious, unbridled, and always ready to tell pretenders to “Fuck off!”

As for themes explored on Pestilent Death, expect death, Satan, hate, war, and magik, the very things that were present and pounded into God’s precious green earth on the follow-up to The Escalation, but given a good kick in the arse–no funny business–in 2018. So, bow down, party hard, bang heads, and spill beer. It’s fucking Monday and Vomitor aren’t having any of it. In fact, for the Aussies, Monday may as well be Saturday night. Thrash ’til death! Praise volcanic sluts! And be ready for the last slaughter!

** Vomitor’s new album, Pestilent Death, is out April 20th on Hells Headbangers. Pre-orders are up for Cassette (HERE), CD (HERE), and Vinyl (HERE). Buy or die hard trying!