Full Album Stream: Grandiose Malice – ‘The Eternal Infernal’

The Eternal Infernal is the debut and final work from Grandiose Malice, representing the last effort from fallen legend Steve “Tregenda” Childers (1966 – 2016). Recorded between October and December 2015 at Cloudy Eye Tavern studio, these nine tracks represent not only the latest and ultimate songs written and recorded by Tregenda, they also reaffirm the tragedy of his loss. Blistering and violent, catchy and empowering with evil might, The Eternal Infernal is Tregenda, pure and eternal. The Eternal Infernal cements an already rock-solid legacy and demonstrates the widely known fact that Tregenda was a giant among men.

Featuring Tregenda on guitar and bass, and Matt Glaser on drums and vocals, The Eternal Infernal was made possible by Tregenda’s friends, Dana Duffey (of Demonic Christ) and Joel Bagley, who took it upon themselves to ensure that these materials saw the light of day. Mastered by Joshua Freemon (also of Demonic Christ), with artwork by Ereshkigal, band logo by Tregenda’s friend, Chris Moyen, and released by Hells Headbangers, The Eternal Infernal celebrates a life and legacy cut short with one last album of Tregenda’s signature hellraising mastery.

Get The Eternal Infernal this Friday from Hells Headbangers.