Double Feature Album Stream: Communion’s “At the Announcement” & “The Communion”

Since forming in 2008, Santiago-based witching metal hexecutioners Communion have spent the past decade slowly wrapping, tighter and tighter like an infernal constrictor, around the global underground metal scene. Last year, they crossed the equator, slithered among the shadows of our cities here in North America. Now, the ceremonial rites are completed, the call for blood is quenched; thus rises the-two headed snake from the pit, conjured by Communion in accordance to an unholy prophecy.


At the Announcement

At the Announcement is eleven tracks of scalding hot, blackened death-thrash influenced by ancient names such as Sarcafago, Slayer, Sodom, etc. but executed with far too much savagery as to ever convey anything like homage or worship. With the same lineup as their most recent demo, Demo III, Communion the quartet close the seal on their debut album with twenty-eight minutes of vicious riffs, snarled and venom-spitting howls of blasphemy, imperious solos, and bestial but flawless battery. An album ten years in the making and worth every second spent anticipating its arrival. This is At the Announcement



The Communion

For their sophomore album, Communion (temporarily) parted ways with lead guitarist Spirit of the Tyrant—although he will allegedly return for Communion’s third album. Consequently, The Communion is a remarkably different album than its predecessor/counterpart. The lightning-quick snakebite speed that the Chilean warlocks are known for is here supplanted by a sound that’s more truly heavy metal, and more Teutonic. E.g. The Communion sounds brawnier and slower—but only by comparison does The Communion sound “slower.” These maniacs still pack in inhuman amounts of bpm into every song. This is The Communion

Available on all formats this Friday from Hells Headbangers and The Sinister Flame.