Video Premiere: God Complex Stirs Dark Memories with “Insignificant”

Hailing from Liverpool, England is a quartet of young and fresh faced newcomers calling themselves God Complex. For a band that only got together last year, they’ve already accomplished quite a bit, including tours with Venom Prison and Corrupt Moral Altar, choice opening spots for Loathe and Traitors, the release of their debut EP is forthcoming and, with today’s premiere of “Insignificant,” they’ve now got a second promo video making the rounds. Click here for a link to the first.

As the band are still gathering experience and coming into their own, it’s not a struggle to hear from where they take inspiration for the sludgy grind of their blackened hardcore; legendary acts appear to be as influential as cohorts and the new school, especially when it comes to guitar tone. Here’s what the band would like you to know about the song: “‘Insignificant’ lays out the core elements that underpin God Complex without any compromise or half measures. It demonstrates the raw, blunt and relentless aggression which accurately represents what we are about, both as a collective and as individuals.”

This is all well and good, but my take on things is a bit different. If there’s one thing this video does do – for me, personally, anyway – is bring back a flood of memories of my own youth (mis)spent in dingy, rehearsal spots in probably-should-have-been-condemned buildings making a fucking racket that shook the shit out of whatever creatures were living in the room’s walls and dank and dingy corners. In fact, if the band had told me “Insignificant” was created by editing together footage captured by strapping mini cameras to all the rats and cockroaches scurrying around the floor, I’d have to think about it for a minute before calling bullshit. So here you have it. Thanks, God Complex for making me feel my age. Fuckers.

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Photo: Wondergirlphoto