Decibel playlists continue to bring the extremity at Apple Music and Spotify

When we’re not producing the only monthly metal magazine in North America or getting bands to record songs for our flexis or putting out rad special issues or organizing annual tours or annual beer and metal fests or publishing books or… yeah, when we’re not doing all that, we’re making playlists several times a week for your ear-grinding needs over at Apple Music and Spotify.

We have three playlists at Spotify that are regularly updated. Our Best New Noise playlist gives you a sample of what’s new and Decibel-approved; the Hall of Fame playlist features albums—in their entirety—that have been inducted into our Hall of Fame; our Decibel Tour playlist spotlights bands who are on the current or upcoming Decibel tour. As well, there’s a killer Decibel Metal & Beer Fest Sampler playlist up now. Find us on Spotify to check them all out.

Over on Apple Music, we put up a new playlist twice a week. We have ongoing series of playlists, like our Yearbooks, which look back at one particular year in metal history, and our Spotlights, which put one particularly worthy artist under examination. Then there are the theme playlists; in 2017, we did playlists focused around noise rock and the NWOBHM; we explored Decibel’s Neill Jameson’s shitty taste and looked at Mike Muir’s legacy. We checked out what Grindcrusher would sound like if it was half as long. We proved that hair metal isn’t always crap. We showcased humorous metal for April Fool’s Day (don’t call me dude, dude).

We also, once a month, get someone from a band that has a new album out to guest curate the playlist for us. We like this because it’s less work for us! I mean, because it gives the artist a chance to share some music that means a lot to them to you, dear readers. And, less work for us. This year we had Exhumed, Antigama, Acephalix, Bison, Pyrrhon, and many others pick their fave songs for playlists.

Find us at Apple Music right here.

Head here to check out what we’ve got to offer at Spotify.

Common sense would dictate we slow down at some point, but, nah, so, find us at Apple Music and Spotify to enjoy the tunes we’re curating for you in 2018!