Full Album Stream: Thy Sepulchral Moon – “Indignant Force of Great Malevolence”

Thy Sepulchral Moon are an international black metal trio, with two of its members hailing from South Korea and a vocalist from Canada. Together, they manifest some of the murkiest, most vitriolic, and evil noise you’ll ever hear. 

Indignant Force of Great Malevolence, out on LP and tape from Signal Rex this Friday, compiles their two EPs so far—2016’s Incantations Inciting Demise and Contemptuous Retaliation Storm from earlier this year. Thirty-five minutes of spiritual abuse in the form of ritualistic yet bestial and utterly warped black/death, Indignant Force of Great Malevolence is a great way to enlighten yourself on an evil presence that gathers in strength beyond the purview of most.   

Says LM, vocalist of Thy Sepulchral Moon: “Thy Sepulchral Moon defile and bludgeon in a vast conspiracy of two distant nations. Conjuring these havoc ridden occult spells with absolute contempt at heart. The wall of death outlined in Indignant Force of Great Malevolence contains both of the Korean/Canadian bands EPs (which are scarce to find copies of) previously only available on cassette and is inclusive of a rare demo version of “Murk” and two unreleased rehearsal tracks. Never before has such rancorous death and such utter blackness been conjoined in such a knotted, ugly fashion. Suffer and die. This is your soundtrack.”