Full Stream: Agathocles/Existench Split 7″

Not to turn Decibel’s corner of the internet into a therapist’s couch, but I’ve been feeling more than a little bummed out the past few days. The reasons are varied and to prevent turning Decibel’s corner of the internet into a therapist’s couch, I’m not going to get into specifics, but when records like the forthcoming split featuring the forever reigning capacity kings of mincecore, Agathocles, and Canadian lo-fi grinding crust punks, Existench come along and mirror the cloud of negativity swirling around my head, at least one knows he’s not alone. Herein lies one of the oft-unspoken benefits of extreme music: the ability our music has to inadvertently offer some amount of support and understanding of the knowledge that things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Taking a look at the cover of the Agathocles half of this split also demonstrates there can be a light-hearted side to depressive nihilism. But to avoid turning this morning’s post into a spell on a really bad therapist’s couch, I’ll stop here and just say listen to the stream of this record, know that it’s limited to 700 copies on black wax and click the link below if you’re interested in ordering.


Everyday Hate Records – Ordering Link