New Band Alert: Godthrymm (members of Vallenfyre, My Dying Bride, ex-Solstice) wield apocalyptic doom

We here at Decibel were thrilled to learn of the formation of a new doom band from the UK featuring some of our favorite musicians. The news came from the band’s founder himself, Hamish Glencross, whose exceedingly English name you may recognize from the liner notes of such records as My Dying Bride’s The Dreadful Hours up to The Manuscript, Solstice’s New Dark Age, as well as Vallenfyre’s entire discography. But when Glencross told us who else is in Godthrymm we knew we had a duty to spread the word of their advent.

“Godthrymm is a reconnection of old brothers with a shared musical past, to create crushing new apocalyptic metal that is a culmination of everything musical that has brought us to this present day,” Glencross explains. “With myself on lead vocals and guitar, I have rejoined with my old partners Chaz Netherwood (ex-Solstice) on guitar, and Shaun Taylor-Steels (of My Dying Bride) on drums. We are joined by Rich Mumford of Malediction on bass.

“Musically, we are creating crushing, apocalyptic doom metal, with the influence of the epic and the melancholy found in our past musical outputs, but with a nastier, more venomous sound as shaped by my time in Vallenfyre. Vocally, Chaz has described my singing as that of a deranged wizard, so make of that what you will!

Speaking on what motivated Godthrymm’s formation, Glencross says: “The primary motive for us was to celebrate and enjoy the different albums in our own past, and use different factors from all to shape and influence a new creation, but with more experienced ears. So me and Chaz writing together will echo our work in Solstice, as we were such a fundamental part of that album [New Dark Age], but we are old enough and wise enough to appreciate appropriate editing! The Vallenfyre production and attitude will influence the sonic palette we’re using. Our original influences remain much the same; Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Candlemass, etc. Pallbearer have become an influence too in that their appreciation of our old work made me go back and reassess what we’ve done over the years, plus they’re a phenomenal band!”

What’s more, not only are Glencross and gang already at Academy Studio recording with “fellow My Dying Bride alumni Dan Mullins at the desk,” according to Glencross, but Decibel has been promised an exclusive track premiere of the first Godthrymm song to hit airwaves. So look for that as early as Tuesday the 21st. Until then, sit there with sweaty palms of dire anticipation as you gaze feebly upon these images of Godthrymm at work.