Full Album Stream: Hades Archer – “Temple of the Impure”

Hades Archer are a duo hailing from Chile and Temple of the Impure is their third full length since forming in 2006. Released by Hells Headbangers, Temple of the Impure is 33 minutes of evil violence deployed with the utmost cruelty in the true South American style, warped vocals and all!

As ever, Hades Archer straddle the line between black and death metal, with a hoof stomped firmly on both sides. The playing is as incisive and tight as ever, but the riffs are filthy, the music is depraved. After a decade of wanton and unrelenting depredation, Hades Archer have only gotten stronger, meaner and sicker. And there’s no hint anywhere on Temple of the Impure that suggests they’ll let up anytime soon. Although, it must be noted, that there are a handful of excellent mid-paced numbers on Temple,—not to mention some killer Mystifier-esque moments—that are no less potent than the other more raging tracks. In fact, they provide a welcome variety to the torture.


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