Full Album Stream: War Possession “Doomed To Chaos”

War Possession

Greek death metallers — as in, informed by the pivotal platters of Bolt Thrower, Demigod, Incantation, and Asphyx — War Possession aren’t gaining interest on all fronts because they unashamedly wave the banner of the old days. No, they’re hitting the sweetest of nastiest sweet spots by believing in what they do.

Featuring members of Embrace of Thorns and Respawn the Plague, War Possession’s conviction translates into murky riffs riven with groove and melody, savage beats pummeling from below and above, and growls from the other. In short, the Athens-based quartet epitomize death metal and death metal epitomizes War Possession.

While it’s taken the Greeks almost a decade to assemble new full-length, “Doomed to Chaos”, the time to perfect War Possession’s brutal blood-soaked death was worth it. They’ve lived and breathed “Doomed to Chaos” for their entire existence, vetting what’s now in front of them by setting up splits with other bands, EPs with tiny labels, and learning the nuances of their raison d’être.

“So, the time is near for our first full-scale attack to be unleashed upon mankind,” says War Possession in a band-prepared statement. “We’ve spent some interesting time at our HQ, at an extend of several months between Summer 2016 – Spring 2017, rehearsing, recording and trying to manage this obscure, aggressive and warlike combination feeling in our sound. Mission accomplished, and we are proud to say that our battle plans worked well. We’ve managed to capture the desirable sound and feeling, blending our influences the right way, and that we have something that tops our previous work in our hands. Now it’s time for you to join the ranks and be lost forever in this war front shit-hole of death metal. Because we are all doomed… Doomed to Chaos!”

Troops of tomorrow, ready yourselves for the unrelenting and merciless volley of “Doomed To Chaos”!

** War Possession’s new album, “Doomed to Chaos”, is out October 23rd on Memento Mori. Pre-orders will be available (HERE) soon.