Full Album Stream: Antichrist Siege Machine – “Morbid Triumph”

“Monolith battering ram, prepare for victory!” is the battle cry sent up by the Virginia-based duo lately demolishing the east coast beneath the banner Antichrist Siege Machine. Featuring the drummer of Left Cross and the guitarist of Sacridose, Antichrist Siege Machine released one of the most violent demo tapes last year, and in three days’ time they’ll launch a second and far heavier attack in the form of Morbid Triumph, their debut MLP.

Released by Stygian Black Hand, limited to 300 copies on vinyl, and featuring the evocative and mind-shredding artwork of Yuri Kahan, Morbid Triumph is skull-sundering chaos concentrated in the form of seven tracks of grinding and blasphemous war. Lucky for you we’ve locked down an exclusive stream of the album so you can jam it and anticipate procuring your own copy before they sell out. Which they likely will, and quickly. After you’ve reassembled your blasted-apart thoughts and crawled back from the abject hell where this thing drags you, don’t forget Morbid Triumph drops August 25th.

Proclaims Antichrist Siege Machine: “No more sheep led to the slaughter by liars and thieves. A.S.M. commands respect with violence and brutal intolerance. Slumber beneath putrid soil as Morbid Triumph consumes your soul!!”

Witness Antichrist Siege Machine live:

8/26 – Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood “Medium Well in Hell Fest”

8/28 – Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter with Bolzer and Trepaneringsritualen

9/22 – Winston Salem, NC @ Test Pattern with Left Cross

9/23 – Roanoke, VA @ The Front Row with Left Cross

9/24 – Chesapeake, VA @ Riffhouse Pub with Left Cross, Archaeobeast, and Order

10/7 – Philadelphia, PA @ Century Bar with Left Cross

10/8 – New Brunswick, NJ @ In The West with Siege Column, Left Cross

11/7 – Richmond, VA with Demoncy, Crurifragium and Ululatum Tollunt