STREAMING: Ewigkeit “Cosmic Man”

Ewigkeit’s last album, 2013’s Back to Beyond, was released on a little known label called D.T.M. Productions (also home to Jaldaboath). To say it went under the radar is a massive understatement. Nevertheless, with the recent resurrection of Norwegians In the Woods…, in which Mr. Fog (aka James Fogarty) is new frontman, spawned yet another resurrection. See, prior to the Fogarty replacing Jan Kenneth Transeth, he had, from a certain vantage point, put his long labor of love Ewigkeit on hiatus. Now, the 24-year old project, where Fogarty is the main creative force, is having its newest album, Cosmic Man, revealed through the ultra-cool Svart Records label.

Said Fogarty in 2005: “I started Ewigkeit in about ’95 when I realized that it’s quicker and more productive to work alone in the studio, rather than with a group of people whose main interest is to get wasted. I was really inspired by the use of atmosphere of black metal, and it was bands like Emperor who really captured my imagination and made me want to incorporate some keyboards (an instrument which I had never played before, and didn’t own!) When I found out that the project Burzum was a one-man-band, I thought, “Hey, I can do that too!” Obviously I didn’t really have any aspirations to be a church-burning neo-Nazi murderer, so the comparisons stop there!”

Ewigkeit have come a long way since their inception and 2005 (when Conspiritus was released on Earache Records). Unlike their halcyon years of taking the atmosphere of prominent black metal bands and re-doing the sonic calculus, Fogarty has taken his creation away from the dark (at least tangentially) and into the light of progressive metal/rock. Ewigkeit, of the modern era, is more closer to In the Woods…, where expansive vistas collapse into melancholic motifs and harsh metallic rhythms bow to introspective passages effortlessly. In some ways, similarities can be drawn to Antimatter and Nightingale, but Ewigkeit is undoubtedly its own entity.

Jettison from Monday reality (and all its necessary doldrums) with Ewigkeit’s new album, Cosmic Man!

** Ewigkeit’s new album, Cosmic Man, is out July 14th on Svart Records. It’s available for PRE-ORDER (HERE) on CD and Vinyl.