Full Album Stream: Tanakh- ‘Chameleonic’

A lot of great metal takes you places. Some black metal takes you to the frozen wastes of northern Scandinavia (or Blashyrkh). Some death metal takes you to the depths of hell or into the graves of decaying corpses. But some bands like to take listeners on an entirely different journey.

Tanakh is a duo (Nick Murphy and Michael Iverson) from South Dakota whose unique blend of death and doom metal takes listeners through tales of human frailty, aggression and chaos. Sonically, I couldn’t help but think of bands like The Ocean, but Tanakh’s sound is much more punishing and direct while also being very atmospheric.

Check out the stream of their debut album, Chameleonic, below! Fun sidenote: Nick Murphy also runs Hydra Beer Company, who participated in this year’s Decibel Metal and Beer Fest. You can read our profile of the brewery here.