For Those About To Squawk: Melvins, Decrepit Birth, Evil Dead

Man, it’s starting to heat up out there, and SO is the release schedule… Hi-yo…

It seems like I’ve reviewed a new MELVINS record a couple of times now, and here I’m going to hit on a double album, A Walk With Love and Death, on Ipecac. So… not surprisingly, this is a weird one. I’d first like to comment on the packaging, this thing kinda seems crowbarred together. There’s a fairly standard (for them) Melvins record (Death) and a soundtrack to a short film (Love). Anyway, onto the music… that’s what you’re here for, right?  The Death portion of this record is, well, Melvins, it’s heavy at times, weird, with some unconventional stuff, and this birdbrain really feels a throwback to their 70’s influences (Kiss, Alice Cooper), so this isn’t bad. The Love portion of this is trying even for the most diehard Melvins fan, snippets of noise, and ambient passages that seemingly have no relation to each other whatsoever.  Contextually, this may make more sense with the film showing, but even compared to Melvins more experimental work, this kind of makes no sense. So like, if you’re a diehard, you’ll buy this and be pretty disappointed. Death 6 Fucking Pecks. Love 2 Fucking Pecks.

I kinda never dug Decrepit Birth, there’s just something about them I’m not into. Axis Mundi sounds a lot like… well… Decrepit Birth. Not to say that’s a bad thing, it’s not at all, it actually sounds like the natural progression of a band progressing natural… uhh, what? Well, that’s to say this doesn’t sound exactly like every other Decrepit Birth record, in fact it’s a little less melodic and a little less tech than their last effort. So, this is death metal, and has its tech elements that can sound only like them. I can’t say this is their best effort, I can certainly say it’s not their worst. The drum sound though… come on… let make them sound like drums… 5 Fucking Pecks.

Ok, so I haven’t done an old school Peck Of The Week in a bit, but I’m dusting it off (for this week at least).  This weeks pick is Evil Dead from California.  This is relevant as they are doing s new record and like are playing a couple of shows here and there. This is high energy thrash that was played by kids (at the time), so like rip this pecking hard. EVIL DEAD.