Grind Those Frowns Upside-Down with Ape Unit and Horsebastard

Let’s lighten the mood a little bit around here, shall we? And let’s do it without easing up on the calamitous and chaotic noise. Forthcoming from the good folk at Everyday Hate Records is a 7″ split featuringApe Unit and Horsebastard. From Italy, Ape Unit combine the ups and downs of powerviolence with a gutter-slugging, old school grind sensibility. Their discography is a few records deep and a mix of full-lengths, EPs and splits with less-than-angry titles like Turd, Beasts of Santa and song titles like “Mullet for My valentine,” “Go Kart Kobain,” “The Will to Smith” and “Double Dance Bass Lines in Alaska” that belie the furious and quick bursts of Spazz-y, Terrorizer-ing noise they produce. The UK’s Horsebastard, and their style which they’ve christened “Equestrian Blastcore,” has been mentioned in this space previously and they match their record mates toe-to-toe with spasmodic fastcore deceptively hiding behind titles like Giraffetermath, “Basteroid,” “Mid Life Crisiscore” and “Veterans of Future Wars.” The split is presented and premiered below with links to both bands and EveryDayHate itself included.

Ape Unit