Reach the Mortal Horizon With Desecrecy

You know a band is worth watching out for when they give you that conflicting feeling of “I know what kind of music is, but it doesn’t quite sound right.” It’s a sign that a band has taken a familiar sound and done something wrong with it (I mean wrong in a positive sense). This may sound counter-intuitive, but for many listeners, our first experience of a new band or a sound is off-putting. When metalheads first heard Entombed or Dismember, they may have been familiar with thrash and some early death metal, “but what’s with that buzzy guitar sound?” Sure, we’re all comfortable with this sound now, but it’s appeal isn’t immediate for everyone.

Desecresy is a death metal band from Finland, now a one-man operation consisting of Tommi Gronqvist. When I first heard the band in 2014 on Chasmic Transcendence, I didn’t know what to make of it. “Well, it’s heavy and has a lot of atmosphere…but it’s so…weird.” The band further honed its sound in 2015 on Stoic Death, and is now returning this year with Mortal Horizon. Check out the track below to see what I mean. Sure, a lot of familiar ground is covered here: lots of Bolt Thrower, Incantation and latter Gorguts in the mix. But there’s still something that creates distance from those influences. Listen to the “breakdown” section- instead of using the guitar to chug in the front of the mix, the focus remains on the vocals.

Keep your ears ready for Mortal Horizon on August 14 via Xtreem Music.