The Ecstatic Joy of “Metal Without Context”

Sometimes, through the fog of trolling, Twitter wars and fake news, the Internet produces something of real value. And I’m not talking about anything educational here, I’m of course talking about funny social media accounts that deal with metal. There’s black metal cats, metal albums with googly eyes and my personal favorite, Bargain Bin Blasphemy.

But now a new member of the legion of hilarity has emerged called “Metal Without Context.” It’s basically a Twitter feed of pics and GIFs of (mostly) gothic and power metal bands, without any captions or band logos to explain what’s going on. Here’s the really interesting part though: you actually do need a bit of context to really laugh at these photos. You need the context that, at one point, someone thought a given photo in a terrible steampunk outfit was a good idea. You also need the context of posterity and hindsight. It also helps to have the context of growing up in the late-90s/early-2000s to recall some of your own sins against good taste.

Or perhaps I’m over-intellectualizing a bunch of goofy looking photos. Anyway, here’s a small sampling of what @MetalwoContext has to offer!