STREAMING: Highland “Loyal to the Nightsky”

The 1990s have come and gone. The greatness of Immortal, Emperor, Dissection, Unanimated, and others is now history. The cruel sands of time are slowly ebbing away at the monuments erected by the gods of old. But as it was so it will be. California’s Highland, formed by three Armenian-Americans, are standing for the ways of the past by thrusting it, via scorching melodic black metal, into the present.

The trio of Narek Avetisian (guitars/vocals), Gevork Matevosyan (vocals/guitars), and Michael Semerdjian (drums) formed Highland in 2009. It took several years before the Los Angeles-based group got off the proverbial ground, self-releasing their debut EP, Highland, in 2013. Highly rated among fans of the genre, the five-song EP catapulted Highland from local heroes to international purveyors of DIY atmospheric black metal.

Now, four years later, Highland have (as of today) released their debut full-length, Loyalty to the Nightsky, on their own. Meaning, the 11-song masterwork was written, produced, manufactured, and marketed by Highland. Drawing on the sounds (not the sights) of mid-’90s black metal, Highland’s new full-length recalls Storm of the Lights Bane, Pure Holocaust, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, and Ancient God of Evil. But it has its own vibe, its own driving spirit.

Decibel is proud to stream Loyal to the Nightsky. Hail to 1996 via 2017!

Highland’s self-released new album, Loyal to the Nightsky, is available today, May 15th, directly from Bandcamp, in either vinyl or CD. Click HERE.