Metal & Beer: Drink Beer, Be Free

[Note: The inaugural Decibel Metal & Beer Fest happened prior to publication of this story.]

Since the announcement of our first annual Decibel Metal & Beer Festival, you’ve no doubt noticed an increase in craft beer-related posts here on the Deciblog. Well, expect that to continue even after the groundbreaking fest delivers an ear-ringing, neck-wrecking hangover to the city of Philadelphia in less than three weeks, April 22-23.

Craft beer has been part of the mix in the magazine, since my Brewtal Truth column debuted in 2009, but now it will continue to be covered regularly here online, as well. The crossover between underground breweries and underground metal bands/labels/fans is a growing phenomenon and through regular posts here we can spread the word about new releases, band collaborations, upcoming breweries and much more. And if you know about any metal-influenced beers or breweries in your area that you want to see featured here, please send your tips to me here.

This metal/beer crossover is becoming so pervasive that it’s even infected the smiley, pink world of Hello Kitty. Last fall, Hello Kitty creators, Sanrio, introduced a new character, Aggretsuko the red panda, who is an office drone by day and a beer-swilling, corpse paint-wearing metal vocalist by night. Only through the power of metal and beer can Aggretsuko express her true self. Sound familiar?