Decibel Metal and Beer Fest Brewery Profile: Neshaminy Creek

Neshaminy Creek
Croydon, PA

Start Date: 2012
Signature Metal Beer: Death to False Black IPA

The bands that will be performing at this weekend’s Decibel Metal & Beer Fest on April 22-23 in Philadelphia are no doubt familiar to Decibel readers, but we wanted to shine a little light on the craft beer underground by spotlighting the breweries that will be pouring their beers at the festival. Neshaminy Creek is one of two Philly-area breweries represented at the festival, so of course we needed to hear from head brewer/co-owner Jeremy Myers.

You guys obviously love good music as much as good beer. How are you able to combine your love of the two at Neshaminy Creek?
The two go rather hand in hand for us. Rob, one of my partners, and I met originally from playing and touring in bands. I run a small record label called Jump Start Records. Rob was doing merch and touring with One Win Choice, a band I had done three records with. Of course, touring and being on the road involves a lot of alcohol, and the chance to check out new beers and breweries is almost endless when you’re on the road. Anytime you can get Andrew WK to party with you for your brewery’s anniversary you’re definitely bringing the best of both worlds to the table.

Do you sometimes delve into your record collection for inspiration for beer names?
Not intentially, but it definitely creeps in more so then we probably realize and I’d be lying otherwise considering we have beers named The Shape of Hops to Come, Fade to Doppelbock and Menzinger.

Are there any bands you’re dying to do a beer collaboration with?
I’d love to brew a beer and party with Iron Reagan or Body Count.

What’s the most metal (or punk) beer Neshaminy Creek brews?
Our dark American IPA called Death to False Black IPA.

Why should attendees of first annual the Decibel Metal & Beer Fest seek out Neshaminy Creek beers at the festival? Give Decibel readers your best pitch.
Because you’ll wanna party with us more after the beer fest. You haven’t experienced Philly unless you’ve gotten shitfaced drunk and gotten fresh, hot pretzels right from the bakery at 3 or 4 am.

Anything you’d like to add, any upcoming projects?
We’re working on the opening of two new locations, one in Jenkintown and one in Philly proper. Expect more beers and more parties.

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