Stream New Loathfinder EP

Doom is all about tone.  It’s a texture.  It’s a vibe.  Some of us hang on to the idea that it has something to do with sloth as well, but if that were true then there would be no such thing as the Maryland doom scene, since those bands are mostly just evil-ass rock ‘n’ roll bands plowing thick grooves with a bit of boogie.  But they get that tone right, that sense that those chords could collapse the works of man and send cliffs tumbling into the sea.

Poland’s Loathfinder get that tone exactly right with their slyly titled EP, The Great Tired Ones.  Four tracks of rumbly darkness sound exactly the way you want them to, if you’re a doom hound.  There’s a thickness throughout the EP that mucks up any sense that you came here looking for anything other than pure misery.  It’s a set of songs worthy of repeat listens, and it’s short enough to encourage just that.

Get a listen or ten to Loathfinder’s The Great Tired Ones right here, and if you like it, you should know that Godz ov War Productions will be releasing the EP in just ten days, on April 28th.  May you doom without end.

Need more Loathfinder?  Hit them up at their Facebook or Bandcamp pages, and check out more Godz ov War releases, too.