Full Album Stream: Blood Feast welcome you to “The Future State of Wicked”

The Future State of Wicked is the first Blood Feast album that guitarist Adam Tranquilli has played on in thirty years. Tranquilli played on Kill for Pleasure, Blood Feast’s ‘87 debut, but not their ‘89 sophomore effort, Chopping Block Blues. But now he’s back as the sole original member on Blood Feast’s 2017 reunion album. Just a bit of history; nothing to do with how face-to-the-spinning-sawblade killer this album is.

“I.N.R.I” opens the album and is the aural equivalent of nailgun crucifixion. “Off with Their Heads” sounds like Painkiller-era Priest played at 666 rpm. “Brethren” keeps the beers banging and the heads rolling on and on. “Last Rites” sounds like a song called “Last Rites,” and you’ll love ever hellhammering second of it. Yes, heres truly a record where every track could be argued as a highlight of the album. Still skeptical? Check out the full stream below. 

The Future State of Wicked is a single-minded killing machine, and yet its creators remain humble despite their having crafted an ultimate slayer of a return album. Says guitarist CJ Scioscia: “So our new album, The Future State Of Wicked, is finally out, and Decibel decides to stream the whole thing?!? Wow… what an honor, cheers to them!! We certainly hope everyone digs it.”

Get The Future State of Wicked this Friday from Hells Headbangers.