Full EP Premiere: Horns & Hooves got a “Morbid Lust”

If your soul is yet virgin to the incendiary lashings of the NYC-based black metal duo known as Horns & Hooves you probably should’ve initiated yourself first with their 2016 demo before jumping into this exclusive premiere of their debut EP, Morbid Lust. But it’s too late now because you’re here, and there’s no turning back.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
May the wounds within your hands become infected with rust,
Festering and raw the maggots lick clean the crust,
Enter the world of MORBID LUST!

So begins Horns & Hooves proper debut. With scathing a cappella vocals, effusively excited for the impending assault. From there the onslaught of orgiastic depredation takes off and never lets up until it’s all over and you crawl back to press play again. Propelled by the flailing arms of drummer Salpsan and the crazed riffing of Malebolge, Morbid Lust blasts through the desolate wastescape of bombed-out Sodom, over arid fields dotted with yet-smoldering remains of Norwegian institutions, and penetrates candlelit chasms where the willfully condemned engage in unspeakably depraved bacchanals ad infinitum. Horns & Hooves even enjoy a little hometown crossover stomp, as in the first half of “Cuckholded by Satan.” All while the perverted provocateur Malebolge mocks the cross, and spews forth his foul irreverence, ebullient with horny legions, and palpably aroused by all the blood shed in the unholy name of lust.

Horns & Hooves exhort you: “Give in to your desires, masturbate in the temple of the Lord, and taste the blackened cum of your new gods.”

Get Morbid Lust this Friday from Stygian Black Hand. Tapes coming from Tapes From Hell.