Petrification Will Give you a permanent bangover with the old-school death of “The Headless One”

Being inspired by the classics doesn’t mean you can just follow through and pull off something worthy of your forebears. But someone in Portland has unbolted a crypt and unleashed the debut four-song EP Summon Horrendous Destruction by Petrification. 

Listening to the doom-flavored death of “The Headless One” will practically make your torso sprout a leather jacket as the band eschews any polish or pretense in favor of messy, faithful, cataclysmic old-school death. 

Check the song out below. It’s as raw and gruesome as a neck stump spurting gore. 

Summon Horrendous Destruction will be out on cassette and digital on March 3rd on Sentient Ruin and you can preorder it right here.