Swedish Grind Split Premiere w/RESONANCE CASCADE and JÄRNBÖRD

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that we love Nasum and Insect Warfare around these parts. And considering both have already done their final celebratory/victory laps and (supposedly) put the final nails in their respective coffins, it’s a safe bet that we also enjoy those bands keeping that spirit and sound alive and kicking.

On February 24th, the tandem of EveryDayHate, Downfall and Wooaaargh Records will issue Hyperakusi, a split featuring two relative newcomers on the Swedish grind scene: Malmo’s Resonance Cascade and Järnbörd, who have members scattered throughout the southern part of the country. And while Resonance Cascade is the more polished of the two, both bands take great influence from the aforementioned, as well as fellow D-beat lovin’ Swedes Skitsystem and some of the Finnish punk/HC style. Check out the split, which we’re premiering below, and see if you agree with our estimation. Maybe you won’t, but can we at least agree that the record’s title (a Swedish word defined as “hypersensitivity to everyday sounds”) hits the nail on the head?

Interested? Allow one of these three labels to take your money:

EveryDayHate Records

Wooaaargh Records

Downfall Records