For a brief time in the early 90’s Cyclone Temple was one of the best heavy metal bands on the planet…

So argues No Echo proprietor/Deny the Cross vocalist Carlos Ramirez in the liner notes to the reverential, enlivening reissue of 1991’s I Hate Therefore I Am — available as an import courtesy Divebomb Records International alongside a fascinating collections of demos, early and live tracks, L and of the Greed, Home of the Depraved — and we’re streaming the Chicago thrashers’ seriously underrated, boundary-defying full-length debut below as evidence that our man is not engaged in any sort of idle smoke blowing: This superior sonic marriage of Spreading the Disease-era Anthrax and circa-Age of Quarrel Cro-Mags, further empowered and set apart by Brian Troch’s ferocious Dio-meets-street vocals, remains far ahead of its time in many, many ways. Indeed, I Hate Therefore I Am, in this humble scribe’s opinion, is the real, vulnerable, defiant shit the retro kids actually should be jamming into the metal-future.* 

“I Hate Therefore I Am is one of those albums that has been with me my entire life,” Divebomb Records owner Matthew Rudzinski tells Decibel. “In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest thrash albums ever released. The songwriting was anything but run-of-the-mill and, most importantly, the melodic and soulful approach to the vocals was something you didn’t come across very often — but it works so well.  The album spoke to me on so many different levels and to this day has never let go. I just felt like it was time to get this album reissued with the kind of care that Divebomb Records has become known for over the years.” 

Note Via Tribunal Bandcamp: Audio is posted here specifically for promotional purposes of Divebomb Records CD reissue. This title is not for sale digitally. Order here

* Fuck “party thrash”!