Decibel brings extreme playlists to Apple Music

If you’re ever stuck for something to listen to while you’re reading the latest issue of Decibel or doing whatever else it is you do all day, checking out the Decibel Apple Music playlists is a good way to hear some tunes—new and old—based on a theme that one of our Deci-staffers comes up with. Usually consisting of somewhere between 12 to 18 songs, the playlists feature the best of death, grind, black, doom, trad, thrash, power, prog, some long-hair-friendly metallic hardcore, you name it… if it’s extreme, it’s fair game.

Since September of this year, when we dove back into these with gusto, we’ve done playlists based around live albums, ways to die, and our 2016 Hall of Fame entries. We’ve looked at Brazilian bestial metal, power violence, and the months of the year. We’ve had lists dedicated to Donald Trump, our new Hall of Fame book, and “the metal laugh” (you know what I’m talking about). We touched on what we consider the best prefix in metal.

We even did one about arms and legs, for some reason. (We, clearly, have too much time on our hands.)

But the best is yet to come: in the new year, you can look forward to playlists based around the word “stream,” Kurt Ballou’s production jobs, songs called “Break the Chains” (or variants thereof), and much more.

We add a new playlist every Monday and Thursday; to find us over there, search for “Decibel Magazine” in Apple Music (or iTunes’ “For You” tab) to join the fun.