Fall on your knees: Goatblood’s “Veneration of Armageddon” exclusive premiere

If you’re looking for something vile and fast-acting to exorcise all those jingling bells and holly jollies from your brainspace then look no further than Germany’s blackened death metal massacrists, Goatblood. Since 2013, the German duo of Reverend Slayer (drums/vocals) and Satanic Death Vulva (guitars/bass/drums) have been releasing demos and splits, sharpening the fangs of their bestial attack, whetting their insatiable appetite for psychological terror and aural destruction.

On Veneration of Armageddon, the follow-up to last year’s ridiculously ignorant, Adorations of Blasphemy and War, the duo (who play live as a trio) prove they have more than just staying power. Thanks to its unique and hellish production, an even more deranged songwriting style than we’ve heard from this camp before, and the mounting hostility of its tracks (i.e. the songs get more insane as the record plays on), Veneration of Armageddon is fiercer and more cunning than your average bestial assault. You’ll fall in love with this deadly monstrosity, and find yourself returning to it no matter how many times it claws your face off. But don’t take it from us. Check out the exclusive full album premiere of Veneration of Armageddon below.

But first, here’s what the Reverend Slayer and Satanic Death Vulva have to say . . .

The armageddon for us is the ultimate end and the extermination of all species on earth. We are no friends of social human life and hope that life on earth will end soon in one way or another… Until that date we are playing the soundtrack for the coming armageddon!

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