Metallica Re-revisit the Cover of Decibel! Advance Copies Available

Hard to believe, but Metallica’s previous Decibel cover appearance was eight years ago to help us celebrate Decibel #50.

In the nearly 100 issues in between, Metallica have written and recorded a new studio album, and we convinced them to re-create the cover of the original Garage Days EP for the front page of our January 2017. Totally worth the wait. 

This issue also contains an exclusive flexi from metallic hardcore behemoths Zao. The new track, “Drifting Shadows in Walking Dreams” will NOT be featured on the new LP The Well-Intentioned Virus, which drops in a month. You’re welcome. 

Deluxe Decibel subscribers will receive our January issue containing the Zao flexi over the next few weeks, but if you still wanna score one, we have an EXTREMELY LIMITED number available with the issue in our webstore here.