Let Hoath Crown Your Mind With “Of Virgin Moon and Serpent”

Did you get out of bed today thinking, “Boy, I wish I had some raw Finnish occult death metal gnawing on my neckmeat this morning”? Was it even morning when you got out of bed? Did you even get out of bed at all? Or did you rise from your coffin-mattress of native soil as the sun’s last rays retreated into the west, signaling another evening of toying with vapid mortals before feasting on their rich, tangy lifeblood?

Either way, we’ve got new Hoath for you. Refinement? Bah! Technical acumen? Bwaaaahhh! This is crude, grave-stomping, bone-grinding death metal tuned for pit domination and soul desecration. We don’t have much information on Hoath just now, but you don’t need to know more than this: Saturnal Records is dropping this hate-meteorite called Codex III: Crown of the Mind, on your head November 4th, and we expect nothing less than a full bloodletting. For now, education yourself on all things “Of Virgin Moon and Serpent.”